Earlier this week I was looking at a few blogs and a word that constantly kept popping up was BLOGMAS! Also vlogmas, but that is on youtube channels, obviously.

Blogmas is basically where bloggers post at least one post a day for 25 days (1st December-25th). All the posts are obviously Christmas related things and I always have fun reading the posts, as do millions of others.

This year I decided to give it a try – I KNOW, you must be thinking: But it’s already the 4th of December, you’ve skipped 4 days! And I really wish I could start from the beginning but I’ve been pretty busy. This is actually not my first try because I used to have another blog but it was Horrible (with a capital ‘H’ and italic font).

I will probably not post every day but I will give it my best shot and do what I can, try to give myself something fun to look forward to in the holidays!

Have you ever tried out vlogmas or blogmas?

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