Secret Santa For Girls❤️

Secret Santa Full IMG.

Blogmas Day 1-5

Today’s post is about some not so expensive gifts that most girls would like as a secret Santa gift (judging by the title). First I’ll talk about what I’m giving for ‘Secret Santa’ and then some good ideas.

You can obviously alter a gift to make it fit the person you’re giving it to, let’s gooo!

Our class budget for ‘Secret Santa was pretty high so I could get more than one thing. Usually, I would just get one present.

What I Got Her:

  1. An A6 Buffalo Journal
  2. A golden’ (which I stuck on the notebook)
  3. A pencil case
  4. A magnet

By now you must be thinking: “Why the heck did you buy her so much?! IT’S ONLY SECRET SANTA!!!

Yes, I know, but there were some great deals so, why not?? 🙂DSC01144MI Sticker


What YOU Can Get Her:

  • A notebook and pen
  • Makeup
  • Shower Gel & lotion
  • Stationary
  • A water bottle
  • Jewelry

Obviously, not every girl will like these things, but most people would want at least one of these things!

What ‘Secret Santa’ gift ideas do you have?

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