Festive Scented Candles🕯


Blogmas Day 1-5

One of the most amazing things about Christmas is all the scents in stores like Bath & Body Works. There are some of the most gorgeous creams and candles which you can use all through the year, then stock up on again next Christmas.

So it should come as no surprise that this post shows 3 candles that smell soooooo good that I want to eat them!!!

Peppermint Marshmallow is really good and smells like candy canes and marshmallows, I wonder why…

Winter Sun is a lovely, refreshing smell that has a little hint of winter. It’s kinda hard to describe but also a very subtle fragrance that doesn’t hurt your nose.

Finally, Vanilla Snowflake. This one is just scented with vanilla, basically.  But it’s not like those overpowering … overwhelming vanillas, it’s a soft vanilla. Clearly, I prefer sweet aromas 🙂


Where do you usually go for Christmas scents?

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