🎅🏼What I Got For Secret Santa

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As you know….. one of the best things about the last week of school is Secret Santa! It’s just great fun to give someone else a gift and get a gift from someone as a secret.  Now that I re-read that I realise that that’s precisely what you’re supposed to do on Christmas.

Well, never mind, that’s the point, isn’t it? So… we did our Secret Santa early because we had a free lesson and I found out that Milla was my Secret Santa while I was hers! Funny, the odds are like one in … a … um … err … a lot. Yeah.

If I do say so myself, I really love the present as it’s almost exactly what I wanted. Milla gave me an adorable magnet, purple fairy lights, and a gorgeous rose-gold, glittery, A6 journal. The sides of the pages of the journal are a shiny rose-gold colour that is beoyootiful.  I was thinking of starting a bullet journal, so I now have everything I need. Cute journal? Check!


Have you received your Secret Santa gifts yet? If yes, what did you get?

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