Mothers Day Gift Ideas

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I know, I know. It’s not Mothers Day yet. But honestly, it does take a pretty long time to get ideas and then buy what you want – or make it, if you want to be crafty.

For us, UAE people, Mothers day is on the 21st of March, AGES away. But some countries aren’t so lucky and they have it a bit earlier.

If you don’t have any ideas yet then the only thing I can give you is my ideas so…..!          Gosh, why don’t they have daughters day or something, imagine how fun that would be lol.

  • Flowers: Classic, I know, but some moms don’t want much. This is for if you’ve left it waaay too late and have no more ideas.
  • Chocolate: Again, some people are on diets so…
  • A Teddy Bear: Get a fluffy one though, those are cute.
  • Tea or Coffee: Depends on what they drink, you could buy different flavours maybe.
  • A Gift Card: From their favourite store, or maybe a coffee shop or something.
  • Books: If they like reading then it would be a good idea, if not then probably not.
  • Makeup: If you know their style I think it would be nice to get them a lipstick, eyeshadow or brushes.
  • A Pandora Charm: These are actually a great idea and you always get seasonal ones.
  • A Pandora Bracelet: If your mom doesn’t have a Pandora bracelet then it would be a great idea to get them one because trust me, they’re really nice. I know from experience.

What do you plan to give your mom for mothers day?


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