Best Sleepover Ever!

Sleepovers 14.4.18Hi!

I’m not sure if the title is a bit misleading ( it probably is ) but this blog post is actually about how to have the ‘best sleepover ever’. Or basically what my friends and I do at sleepovers; sorry to disappoint you!

Buzzfeed Quizzes

Ok, I’m pretty sure everyone does this at a sleepover, and if you don’t, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!?! It’s really fun finding out what character you are and stuff with your friends, isn’t it?

Deep, Late Night Conversations

My friend Mia just came for a sleepover on Thursday and in the night we were chatting to each other for like hours. First, we were ranking casts of t.v shows out of ten based on personality, acting, looks and then when Mia got really sleepy we even hate to rank their hair, so that was weird…

Midnight Feast

It’s somehow really fun to get fat at 12:00 am so why not?! It is sometimes pretty hard to eat at midnight though, I wonder why.

Instagram Photoshoots

You just always end up doing each other’s makeup and then taking pics for the ‘gram. I love taking the pics, but I don’t think I actually ever ended up posting any of the pics. I guess that’s something I’ve got to do sometime soon then.


We love searching up our horoscopes and then seeing if they’re true for ourselves, our friends, parents, siblings etc. etc. Isn’t this a classic though?

and finally…

Vlogging and Pretending You’re Famous

Obviously most people don’t do this but I honestly love pretending to be someone else and taking videos where we act like we’re youtubers doing our morning routine and stuff. It’s really fun, you should try it out!

What is one of your ‘must-do’s’ for sleepovers?

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