Blogging Pet Peeves

Goooood afternoon everyone!

How’s life?

I know I’m posting a lot less now but I’m starting to get a lot of homework and revision for the upcoming exams. So, unfortunately, you won’t get very frequent content for a while 😦

Anyway, here are a few things I dislike that some people do on their blog posts. I am in NO WAY trying to say that my blog is completely flawless, I am just expressing my opinion. If you might get offended then I recommend that you do not read this post.

Formatting on a Phone

Some people write or design their posts on a phone, which might be handy but not the best idea in terms of presentation. Maybe not everyone owns their own laptop or computer but they definitely have access to one, so it’s better to use a laptop/computer if you don’t want the presentation of your post to be all over the place.

Grammatical or Spelling Mistakes

This might be a teensy bit hypocritical, but whenever I’m reading a post and I find a random spelling or grammar mistake and I cringe sooooo bad. I didn’t want that for my posts so I got Grammarly, which I definitely recommend to people who often type a word wrong or structure a sentence wrong.

Bad Quality Pictures

I don’t know about anyone else but the picture quality is one of the main things I look at before following a blog because sometimes one picture can really represent your efforts. It’s really annoying when the picture is kind of grainy, not in focus, taken in the dark, taken with very bright light etc. etc. I know that my pictures aren’t that amazing either but I know I’m much better than when I started off.

Not Very Interactive

I love it when bloggers start off their blog posts like “Hey!” or “What’s Up!” or things like that at the beginning of the post and they go ” how’s your day going?” and other questions because it’s like they actually care. And then they put questions at the bottom and reply to every single comment. It annoys me when people don’t actually take the time to talk directly to their reader rather than an audience of people. I understand if they don’t have time to respond to all of the comments, but they could at least reply to a few.

That’s alllll!

Do you do any of these things? Be honest!

3 thoughts on “Blogging Pet Peeves

  1. I’m guilty of the first and the last. Actually, I used to say “hey” and “hello” when I was blogging on my old site. I stopped because it felt awkward repeating the same greeting over and over again, like asking how their week went and saying what I’ll be talking about. I just feel it makes the post longer and boring … just saying ☺☺

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