First Half of the Year Wrap-Up

hey guys!

I hope you’re all happy and smiling and just feeling (at least) okay.
I know some really bad things have been and still are happening so hopefully everyone is safe.

I always love doing those monthly wrap up posts but there wasn’t enough stuff going on my life each month to actually write a post about. So I decided to do one for these past six months hahah. Honestly it was even hard for me to find the highlights of half the year so please appreciate it no matter how uneventful it may be.

jan 31

The first exciting thing to happen this year was Taylor’s documentary ‘Miss Americana’ which I have already talked about in another post so I won’t be repeating myself, although I would love to. I can almost hear your sighs of relief and I must say I’m quite offended. But we got so much content this year which I am extremely happy about. For example the One World Together concert, City of Lover Concert and stuff. Let’s move on.

Before I talk about this can we first have a little flashback to the times where I edited every. single. photo with this very aRtSy paint brush thing. I actually kinda want to bring it back lol. Anyways, here is me and my friends going to the mall for no reason (before corona, obviously). Simran tried a frappuccino I recommended, Maia is dangerously obsessed with animal crackers and I just exist. You have no clue who they are but I’m sure you can figure out from context.


This picture is here just to show you that my very strange friend eats cheetos with chopsticks. I don’t even understand humans anymore, like???? Plus I still don’t know how to hold chopsticks properly so there’s a hint of jealousy there but this isn’t normal behaviour.


We had international day in school! It was literally so much fun and me and my friends ate so much. Plus we got to dress up so I’ll take any excuse for that. One or two days later our school was like wow having such a big gathering probably wasn’t a good idea. Also here is like the first pic I posted where you can see my teeth post-braces yayyy.


I just looked at the date of when this was taken and realised that at the time I had no idea that in four days I would have my last day of year 9 and I would proceed to not step foot out of my house for like 3 months. To be so innocent. Also they spelt my name wrong, obviously, but this is the closest they’ve ever got to spelling it right. I have a whole album on my phone of the different ways Starbucks has spelt my name. One example is Rem (???)


This is the okay-est photo that I had taken of the rain. It rained very much this year and I am so (pleasantly) surprised. I am in love with rain so the 4 or 5 times it rained this year were the highlights. *people living in England are like 😳* It even rained in May which means something strange is going on this year, as if we couldn’t tell already. I forgot to mention that there was also hail!!! Closest we’ve ever gotten to snow in Dubai.


I made eggless tiramisu!! I am now regretting not taking a better picture and realising just how terrible the quality of this picture is. Aside from that, the tiramisu was delicious *chef’s kiss*, this is the only recipe I can make by heart. If you want me to share the recipe please let me know because I’d love to ♥️


The last part of my post is one of my biggest achievements: In the last 6 months I have listened to 107 hours of music. Ikr, what do I even do with my life. A lot of things actually, I just do them while listening to music. These are the top 8 artists I listen to apparently and I’m super confused at most of the numbers here. I mean, I don’t remember listening to Halsey or Harry Styles this much. It’s ok though, it was still awesome.

If anyone has made it to the end of the post THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH ♥️♥️♥️

Tell me about your highlights in the comments or literally just chat with me it makes me very happy 🙂

Love, Hreem xx

(p.s. it would mean the world if you checked out my covers)

20 thoughts on “First Half of the Year Wrap-Up

    1. Thank you so much! It’s cool to see other people with similar music taste haha. I actually really love a bunch of Shawn Mendes songs. I know I listen to him more than Halsey so idk why he isn’t on the list 😂 what are your fav songs from those three artists?

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  1. Such a great question and I would love to hear you answers as well!😂
    One Direction has so many catchy and feel good songs but some of my personal favorites are
    – What makes you beautiful( sorry, but it’s iconic and reminds me when I was young and I would sing this song everyday)
    – Half a heart( ahhh, such beautiful lyrics 💕)
    – Drag me Down
    – History
    – Night Changes
    As you can see, I basically like every One Direction song, heheh. I recently got into Billy and I’m obsessed with When the Party’s over and Lovely 😊
    Shawn Mendes has so many hit songs( that I love ofc) but maybe some of his least popular songs that I like are ….Bad Reputation and Lost I’m Japan.
    Sorry this was extremely long but, I can’t wait to hear what some of your favorites are! 👍 Oooh, and I didn’t mention that I also love Harry Styles( hahah, I think of you like 1D you also like the artists on their own) and I can’t Falling out of me head 🙂

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    1. Yay thank you so much for the long reply! I definitely love What makes you beautiful (how can you not??), night changes, little things, story of my life and last first kiss. Also the ones that you mentioned, I’ll definitely check out half a heart because I haven’t heard it yet.

      I really love when the partys over too, the lyrics are just really amazing and well-written. I also ilomilo, my boy and hostage from her so you might too 😊

      And from shawn I like lost in japan, perfectly wrong and because I had you. Plus his singles but those are well known so they’re kinda pointless to mention.

      From Harry falling is my fav (we have such similar taste haha) and adore you or sweet creature come second.

      What other artists do you listen to? We literally have the same favourite songs which is pretty cool ♥️

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      1. Oooh, I love your song choices and we do have such similar and refined taste in music, lol😂 Tell me what you think of Half a Heart and story of my life is pretty iconic!

        Ooh, I’ll have to listen to those songs by Billy and I’ll get back to you on that! I recently figured out her brother Finneas O’Connell writes quite a few of her songs so, I guess the talent runs in the family:) I can’t believe I haven’t listened to Perfectly Wrong, I basically know all Shawns songs. I’m listening to that right now!! Because I had you is a good pick and ditto about his singles.

        Harry Styles is amazing so yes, yes and yes to like every song you mentioned times a hundred! Also really love Sign of the Times! His lyrics are beautiful and meaningful.

        This is already getting super long but, I gonna make it even longer( sorry). I think I have a semi pretty diverse taste in music because I like a wide range of songs. Take Me To Church, War of Hearts by Ruelle are some of my new favorite songs! I’m also a pretty big Ed Sheeran fan( basically all his hit songs plus Supermarket Flower), The Beatles have some good catchy songs, Bruno Mars( again all his songs but I really love If I Was A Man) and I’m probably forgetting a lot of people. Ooh, I also love music from musicals. How about you ?!

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      2. I listened to half a heart and I actually really like it so thank you for telling me about it haha.

        I know right, literally every member of Billie’s family is super talented, I’m very jealous 😂Idk if you know but Finneas also writes his own songs and they’re also pretty awesome. I really like Let’s Fall In Love For The Night and I Don’t Miss You At All.

        Also yes I forgot about sign of the times, that’s also a really great song 🙂 One of my friends had shown me war of hearts before so I really like that one too and obviously I love some Ed Sheeran songs but I haven’t heard supermarket flowers so I’ll listen to that one. Also for Bruno Mars’ song do you mean When I Was Your Man or like If I Were A Boy by Beyonce? I think you got them mixed up haha. I also do like a couple songs from musicals.

        You can probably tell my favourite artists from the post but I really love Taylor Swift and right now I’ve been listening to Sparks Fly and Everything Has Changed (it’s with Ed Sheeran so you might like it if you haven’t heard it yet!). I love Camila Cabello’s new album a lot and Used To This is a nice song. Oh and also Lorde, I recently started listening to Lorde so I like some of her songs too.

        I recommended a bunch of songs but let me know if you listen to any and if you like them ♥️


  2. Aww this is an awesome post! You and your friends are so photogenic! ❤ And lol, I can relate to people always misspelling my name; my name is Sera so I get a lot of "Sara" and "Sarah" and sometimes even "Sierra" lol.


    1. Thank you so much, you’re so kind! Haha yeah it’s almost like people sometimes go out of their way to spell your name wrong. I like your name though! I’ve never met a Sera before 😊

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