My Favourite Things Tag

my favourite things tag

hey guys!

I hope you’re all happy and doing well!

I’m so sorry I didn’t post in over a month but school started and stuff so I got busy and then I was so sure that I posted something but then checked back to realise that I didn’t so that really was disappointing.

Anywayyyss, about a month ago the super amazing Jasmin kinda tagged me to do the ‘my favourite things tag’ and it’s pretty cool so I’m excited ☺️


Thank and link back to the person’s blog who tagged you!
Thank you so much Jasmin for tagging me! Tags are always super fun to read so I’m happy I get to do one.

Thank and link back to the person’s blog who started the tag!
Thank you to Beth for creating this very cute tag! It’s such a cool idea

Write about eight of your favorite things in your post!

Add at least 2 pictures or gifs in your post that is related to your favorite things.

Tag eight people at least! (If you don’t know eight blogs to tag just tag as many as you can)

Put the eight rules in your blog post!

Include the picture above for the beginning of your post!

Have fun!!!

*disclaimer: most of these pictures do not belong to me*

1. Music


I think by now basically everyone knows that I love music with my whole heartttt 💖 . Listening to music, playing it, making it, all of it is just so magical ahh. It is one of the most amazing things ever and you can go ahead and fight me on that heh.

2. Friends and Family

Hanging out and talking  to family and friends is so much fun too. The best thing is when you all laugh so hard that you can’t breathe or talk and anything anyone does just makes it more funny. Even when we started online school, me and my friends have zoomed many times and literally even watched a movie together on video call. It took ages to set up but it was fun anyways sooo.

3. Autumn


It’s nearly autumnnnnn ahhhhhh. Apparently autumn *officially* starts on September 22 this year so that’s on Tuesday yay. It’s in my opinion the best season because it’s so cosy and not too hot but not too cold. I’m probably going to write a whole post about autumn soon so be ready for that.

4. Pretty Things

pretty things

This is the weirdest thing on my list because it really makes no sense. I just love like pretty necklaces, places, people, dresses??? You deserve a round of applause if you understand me because I made no effort to explain it.

5. Taking Photos

I always take a bunch of pictures and videos when I’m with my friends or family and then they’re like “Hreem stop taking so many pictures”. But then the same people beg me to send all the stuff to them a couple months later. Really love that. I also have a really cool polaroid camera (not the instax ones, the polaroid originals ones that are bigger and look kinda similar to the old cameras) and it’s such a rush taking one of those and then waiting for it to develop. It’s just been lying around for the past 6 months because of the lack of cool things happening 😦

6. Baking & Cooking

Me and my mom always bake stuff like cupcakes and cookies and stuff which do turn out weird sometimes but majority of the time they’re so goood. I also like to cook and help my mom make stuff but I’m not as skilled at it so I do it a bit less. Basically anything involving food is perfect.

7. Flowers


Flowers are so pretttyyyy. So I guess this should technically count as pretty things but I wanted to make a different point for it because like … flowers dude. We don’t actually have a wide range of flowers growing wehre I live because it’s way too hot so I have to settle for pictures of flowers instead. It’s ok, pinterest is close enough.

and finally…

8. Reading & Writing


I’ve always loved reading stuff like books and poems but right now I don’t really have any new books to read which sucks. Comment any suggestions if you have! I also love writing things like my journal and (you’d never guess this) my blog! My three year blog-iversary is in like two months, wow.

So those are a few of my favourite things!
I hope you sang that to the tune of the song in your head. If not, what are you even doing? This was actually super fun so thank you Jasminnn!

I don’t think I can nominate 8 people to do this but I’ll see how many I can haha:

Aaand that’s all for today.

I really hope you enjoyed my post almost as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Comment what some of your favourite things are and what things we have in common, it makes me so happy 😊

Love, Hreem xx

(p.s. It’d be awesome if you could check out my covers )


8 thoughts on “My Favourite Things Tag

  1. okay lemme tell you. This tag makes me SO SO HAPPY. It’s so wholesome, and I just grinned through this whole thing! I loved all your favorites, I love them all too ❤ Fall/autumn is awesome, I love it and I'm so excited for all the fall vibes and so I'm also excited for your autumn post!! Flowers are gorgeous, family and friends are lovely, pretty things are, like u said, very pretty and make me happy 🤩
    Anywho, I love love lovedddd this and I'm so happy you did this tag!! 💓💓💓

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you so muchhhh! I’m glad this made you smile and that we like so many of the same things 🥰 thanks a ton for tagging me to do this and your comments always make me so happy 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth😂 I love all your favorite things and a hundred percent agree!! Autumn is such a great season: sweater weather, the aesthetic, the weather and legitimately everything else!!

    Thank you so much for making me smile and feel so happy while reading this and THANK YOU for tagging me ❤️:) Also once again, I need to thank you for the birthday wishes! On my birthday, I saw your message and it made me very happy and it was so considerate and thoughtful of you to remember. ( okay, I reached by quota of saying thank you😂😂jk).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayyy I’m happy you agree! Autumn is definitely superior and it even started on your birthday so that’s destiny 😂

      Dude thank YOU for reading this and commenting!! And also for being a cool blog that I wanted to tag 😊 Aww I’m literally smiling so wide right now reading your comment and I’m so glad I made you happy on your birthday!!! Ahah I nearly wished you on the 20th but then I was like nope that’s not right 😋 hope you had the best day everrr and also THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS!! They always make my day honestly. Okay I need to stop with the exclamation marks oops 💛💛💛


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