Random Photo Dump

hey guys it’s meeeee

This is going to be a very chill and random post because I don’t have any other ideas and because I think everyone needs a cute catching up post every once in a while.

First of all (as you probably already know) I hit 200 followers which I once again want to say a big thank you to you guys for because it is just so awesome.

Things are pretty much the same lately (where I am) and the weather is getting SO HOT again which sucks but what can you do. There’s a lot of ice cream and it’s mango season so I’ll be okay until at least June or July. As if the heat wasn’t enough, we’ve been having sand storms for the past 2 days so that means leaves and sand everywhere ugh.

It is Ramadan right now though so school is shorter and I am so grateful for that because I get to sleep more 😭 I don’t know how I’m gonna handle it when the hours return to normal though because each lesson is going to feel like two hours each lol.

What about you guys, how have you been lately? What are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments! And now here’s the photo dump:

Buddy babyyyyyyy
just simmy being simmy
we took off our masks because there was nobody nearby, incase anyone was wondering
Hi Neha if you’re reading, I appreciate you
this was actually so good omg

Not a ton of pics but I still love them. Thanks for reading if you made it this far and answer my questions from before or comment about literally anything, I love to chat.

Love, Hreem xx

(p.s. it would mean the world if you checked out my covers 💞💞)

13 thoughts on “Random Photo Dump

  1. HREEM YOUR DOG IS ADORABLE! I love pugs so much and he’s just so cute omg lil baby. You friend simmy is funny lol. You look gorgeous in those pictures and I like that you added the thing about the mask 😂 Also neha seems so sweet aw. I’m doing good atm and I’m looking forward to my birthday hahaha! Cute post and pictures ✨

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    1. Awww thank you, he really is a baby. Yep, simmy and neha are both great and funny haha. Thank youuuu that’s so sweet, and yes I just had to make sure everyone knows I do wear my mask 😌 Ooh yay, when is your birthday?

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  2. Hreem your dog is adorable. Simmy is funny and neha seems so sweet awwwww. I have got to go to school too and I am so happy the hours are shorter and o really don’t know if I can handle the normal hours because they say it takes one month to make a habit. Your right the weather is soo hot I just feel like burning 🥵. RAK is soo beautiful ❤️ love all your pics.

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    1. Thanks so much Maya! Haha they really are. Ohh yeah, I can’t believe Ramadan is already ending in like 11 days wow the time flew. Yup I always dread the summer weather, but it rained (at least where I am) yesterday so I definitely loved that. Yess RAK is pretty awesome and we usually go there on school trips while I love. Thanks for reading and commenting! ☺️💛

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      1. Your welcome ♥️ Same it feels like Ramadan started yesterday I literally don’t know where all the days go. Yep it rained yesterday and there was hail and snow. I just love the summer weather. That’s so cool I love RAK. Have you been to the pink lake?? Your welcome and ooh btw where are you from?

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      2. Hiii Maya sorry I was looking through my comments and only just saw this 😭😭 Nope I have never seen the pink lake but I’d really love to!! I’m from India ☺️ You?

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