Journaling Prompts?

(If you’re annoyed by all the question marks, let me just say there was a blog challenge and I had to end each sentence with a question mark)

heyyyy how are you guys?

hopefully good?

you might have read my post about why you should journal and maybe (hopefully) started journaling or maybe you journaled already? anyways this is a post for when you want to write but don’t you want to write about?

  • What is my best personality trait?
  • What compliment do I want to hear right now?
  • What is something I wish I could get over but haven’t yet?
  • What is something that made me super happy recently?
  • What makes me feel loved?
  • Who do I really want to talk to right now and why?
  • What kind of a person do I want to be? How can I be that person?
  • If I could talk to my future self what would I ask them?
  • What makes me feel the most confident?
  • What can I change in my life right now to make myself happier?

did you enjoy? i hope so?

isn’t this post kinda confusing and short? yeah?

Love, Hreem?

17 thoughts on “Journaling Prompts?

  1. it sounded like you were a little doubtful through this post, what’s with the questions!! i’m not a big self-discovery journal writer, but i’m surely going to try these; they seemed cool! yes i enjoyed? this post is confusing? i suppose so? XD

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    1. hahahah just cause why not make it all confusing πŸ˜‚ yeah me too I’m not very into the deep questions but I kinda found that these ones were nice things to write about. Im glad you enjoyed? have an awesome day? πŸ˜‹πŸ’•

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  2. LOVE THIS 🀩
    Hello Hreemmmm how r u lovely?!
    Sorry I havant been the most supportive, I slack on falling my buddies blogs and I promise I read your posts and love them always, I just don’t get around to commenting sometimes :/ How’s life going though?

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    1. awww thanks πŸ₯° I’ve missed you Jasmin! hahah don’t worry about it honestly, I’m so glad you like them though! I’m good at the moment and talking to a friend again who I haven’t spoken to in forever which has been so nice but I also have exams in two weeks which really sucks 😫. How have you been? ❀️

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      1. Oh my wordddd I have no idea why I didn’t see this until now but how did exams go?!! I’ve also been trying to reconnect with some old friends and its been lovely ❀ Friends are a hugeee part of my life! I've been good, busy busy busy but really good. I'm hoping to do an update post soon, for myself just as much as my followers because I love looking back at update posts 🀩

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      2. Haha don’t wory about it! My exams went well and I’m sooo glad they’re over. Yeah it’s always nice to catch up with old friends πŸ’ž Yay update posts are fun and I can’t wait for yours!

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