It’s brutal out here

hey everyoneee!!

this is a very tiny post because my end of year exams start tomorrow and I’m very stressed 😭😭

I also have to go to school to take them which freaks me out because I haven’t physically been to school like at all, yeah. all my social skills (not that I had many to begin with if I’m being honest) are GONE and I can’t stand the thought of actually having to walk into my classroom for the first time this year knowing everyone else already has like met and stuff but I’m like the random girl there.

Can you tell I’m introverted and insecure?


We’re all gonna celebrate when they’re over (I definitely am, not sure how but in some way I have to)

so yeah I’ll see you guys next week when I finally (🙄) get around to doing the Q&A post that is like a month overdue already.

Oh well.

Love & luck,


11 thoughts on “It’s brutal out here

  1. interesting choice of title?? haha I love the chaos of this post, I also have my exams this week so i totally feel you 😔 eek sorry that you have to go to school, that does sound scary but be FEARLESS. when you said insecure, what makes you beautiful started playing in my head, what have they done to me 😂 good luck gorgeoussss

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  2. The title is so accurate😬😂
    Oof.. I wish you good luck for your exams! My online classes started again today, and I missed 2 of my classes. Great start, am I right 😫🤦🏻‍♀️

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