11 Years of One Direction 🥳😭

*credits to my cousin Jaanvi for keeping me company while I wrote this*

hello my bestiesssss

happy 1D day!!!!!

very bittersweet because obviously they are not together at the moment *wooowwwww nobody knew that*.
I do still believe in a reunion because Niall and Liam basically confirmed it and I trust them (honestly I don’t because they said 18 months and look where we are now but whatever lol I’m willing to give them another chance).

Anyways, in honour of 11 lovely years, here is me talking about my top 11 One Direction songs (in no particular order) with two honourable mentions because I feel bad for the songs I don’t pick that I still love.

What Makes You Beautiful (DUH)

What Makes You Beautiful is iconic and a classic so you know I have to start off the list with it. Can’t believe the first thing we heard them sing from an original song was “you’re insecure” ’cause like yeah I know but did I ask guys 🙄 In short, I’m never going to stop jamming to WMYB. (I am mad that Louis and Niall never got a solo though, that was extremely rude).

What A Feeling

THIS SONG. I need to someday drive in a convertible at sunset in summer with the roof down with my best friend and me blaring this song while singing it at the top of our lungs. It’s very specific but it has to happen because this song is such a good carefree song with a guitar riff in the background that is so *chef’s kiss* and perfect harmonies. This song is my best friend Noelle and I’s song because we found out that we both really love it so that makes it even more important to me lol. She’s gonna be the one in the car with me in the previously mentioned scenario 😚.


Strong is so 😭😭 I love Strong very very much because idk it’s just so asjsjsdh and I’m in love with the whole chorus but the line “you make me strong” really pushes it over the edge. I had a phase where this song was on repeat and later found out that my friend Simran had that phase for a while too so that solidified its place in my heart because the fact that both of us were unknowingly obsessed with the same song is pretty cool.


18!! ALSO!! OWNS!! A PIECE!! OF MY!! HEART!!!!! Yeah I hope that says everything. It’s just so sweet and romantic, plus I love the line “all I can do is say that these arms were made for holding you” because how could you not? 🌹 Oh and who could forget “we took a chönce”.

Hey Angel

At first I didn’t really love Hey Angel and thought it was kinda boring (😤) but now it’s one of my favourites so I’m glad I came to my senses. Literally everyone’s voices sound so good in this song and the rasp in Harry’s voice in “to come to the other siiiiide” gives me life. Omg and the bridge is bridge city because it starts off already great with Liam and then Louis decides to bless us with his harmony and take the bridge to another level. Thank you for writing this masterpiece Louis and Liam 🥰


Olivia is a very summery-springy song that’s super ☺️💞🦋✨🐝🌹 and because of that I love it. The violins and slight trumpets in the song are so prettyyyy. Apparently there were meant to be horns in the chorus but then they took them out 😐 what was that for 😐

Right Now

I think we can all agree that Zayn owns Right Now, it’s literally Zayn feat. everyone else because he carries the choruses and the bridge. Plus his vocals are always on point so thanks bestie. The fact that Louis starts this song makes it so much better because his 1D days voice is very comforting to me for some reason and in this song he sounds perfect.

If I Could Fly

If I Could Fly 😭😭 Who doesn’t love a good sad love song? This song is so sad but I just really love it because it’s super stripped down with just the piano and then it starts to like build up from the bridge. Once again everyone sounds amazing in this song and I literally have nothing else to say except … ouch.

Midnight Memories

I don’t know why I love Midnight Memories so much but I just do. The pop/rock combination in the song is so great and I remember being obsessed with it years ago. It’s a very very fun song and I’m never gonna stop loving it, that’s for sure. I’d also consider this another bridge city because Harry and Niall slayed it 😌.

Steal My Girl

Steal My Girl mostly holds sentimental value because I remember vibing to it with my mom when I was like 10. I do still love the song though but I am aware that it definitely is not one of their best so my views on it are probably biased. It reminds me of simpler times ☺️💞

Temporary Fix

Don’t think anyone expected Temporary Fix to be on here but here we are 😊😶 I just think it’s cool how they kind of tested the waters of rock music and did it pretty well in my opinion because the melody and vibe and all are pretty cool. I wish they would’ve at least released some kind of rock album or even an EP before going on hiatus because I would’ve LOVED that (me acting like I listen to rock music at all. I’m just kind of enjoying the vibe lately because I love drums and the electric guitar ahhhh).


Through The Dark

Through The Dark really deserved to be on the list and it definitely would have if it was my top 12 1D songs so just keep that in mind. There’s just something about the song that I find very comforting and it’s funny because the song just randomly grew on me out of nowhere.

Girl Almighty

aaand the final song on this post is the lovely Girl Almightyyy. I might not have a clue what 80% of this song means (Her light is as loud as as many ambulances as it takes to save a saviour? She floats through the room on a big balloon?) but it’s still a great song to dance around to. Me and my mom love listening to it in the car while aggressively dancing to it and asking each other what the lyrics mean for the 57th time. I actually listened to it before my exams this year to get more hyped and confident lol, I’d say it worked. So here’s to staying young and made of lightning ⚡️

*Formal apology to the Take Me Home album because I didn’t include any songs from it. Still love you*

And that, my loves (my loves???), is the end of my 11 years of 1D post.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and please please PLEASE comment your favourite One Direction songs below because I love seeing what everyone’s favourites are ☺️✨ If you haven’t heard any of the songs I mentioned, I highly recommend you listen to them because I’m crazy for them.

A random question to end this post: What Night Changes date would you go on? (from the music video) and guess which one I’d pick lol.

Also, for the heck of it, here’s a picture of me and my mom with the 1D wax figures in London back in like 2015.

Loads of love and reminiscing-ness,

Hreem xxx

(p.s. it would mean the world if you checked out my covers ☺️ gonna post a 1d one soon when I can finish it lol)

18 thoughts on “11 Years of One Direction 🥳😭

  1. 1D!! I miss them 😦 I mean I love their solo careers but I love them so much more as a group. I definitely agree with WMYB, as you said, it’s a classic. I also am so glad you included Hey Angel and Right Now because they are both massively underrated songs. My fav oned songs are Better Than Words, Stockholm Syndrome and If I Could Fly so i’m glad u included IICF on the list! I would go on the amusement park date with Liam lol, I always loved that. I’m pretty sure u’re a harry girl so i’d say you want to go ice skating haha. Excited to see your 1D cover 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know 😭 hahah yeah I get that. ikrr right now and hey angel barely get any recognition. ooh I love Stockholm syndrome and better than words too, they’re really great songs. Ooh that’s a good choice, the amusement park looks pretty fun (aside from that one moment but …yeah). yep you are right ☺️ plus it’s prince hair harry so what more could you ask for. thanks so much!! 💞

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amusement parks are my favorite things ever so I was very happy to see that. Yeah let’s not dwell on that moment too long… Ahh true, prince hair harry was quite nice but I preferred it when his hair was shorter 😭

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve listened to some of them and they are really awesome! I can’t call myself a Directioner (Though, I really like them a lot), I would be very happy if they get reunited one day. And maybe I’m wrong but I noticed while listening to their songs that Niall and Louis didn’t get much lines, it’s a bit unfair I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayy I’m glad you liked them too! yeah I understand that. I knoowwww, it’s sad that Louis and Niall always had short parts because they both have really nice voices as well 😕

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi hreem! Sorry I’m late, but seriously ALL the songs you mentioned hold a special place on mah heart-
    😭 out of all of these, “What a feeling” is criminally underrated. I still believe that they will reunite in the next 5 years or so, but they’re all happy in their solo careers, BUT I still really do want to reunion, I literally only became a fan after they announced the break, so yeah one of my biggest regrets is not being a part of the fandom earlier.🥺 how long have you been a fan?
    anyways, awesome post xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Evin! don’t worry about it haha. yess I’m so glad you agree, we both have superior taste 😌 exactly, they seem happy doing their own thing but also 1D was too big in their lives for them to just forget about it. dude me too 😭😭 me and my mom used to listen to their music back in maybe 2014-15 but I wasn’t a proper fan because I didn’t even get the concept of artists and stuff yet lol. I think I became a fan around 1 and a half years ago because one of their old video diaries came up on my youtube and then I watched it for no reason and fell down a rabbit hole and ended up here 😂 My mom always tells me it sucks that I wasn’t a fan while they actually existed and I’m like I KNOW DON’T RUB IT IN. I’m glad I at least knew them enough to get a picture with their Madame Tussauds figures in London as you can see in the picture in the post (which I forgot to add earlier and then remembered like 3 days ago oops). Anywaayyss thanks so much Evin for reading and commenting! I always love your comments ☺️💞

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know! i always get so mad when they act like 1D wasn’t ever thing, in interviews, especially 😂
        Oh, I discovered one direction 3-4 years ago and have been a fan ever since..
        woah, you got a picture with those?that’s awesome!!.💕
        You’re welcome!💙

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I knoww. Like I get why they wouldn’t want to talk about it because they were definitely mistreated but also it’s kind of the reason they’re all here you know?? Oh haha lucky, you’ve been a fan longer than me 😊 Yep, I’m glad I at least liked them enough to take that picture 😂


  4. and my favourite songs are end of the day, stole my heart, one thing, better than words, what a feeling, AM, she’s not afraid, fireproof, I have so much more-
    Like, all of their songs are amazayn🤚😫
    P.S. who’s your favourite solo member? I love Louis’ album walls, his songs are lyrically genius. But I’ve also started listening to a lot more of Harry✌️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh yes I love Better than words and AM too 😁 hahah love the “amazayn” and totally agree.

      Hmm I started liking Harry’s songs first but recently I’ve been listening to Walls a lot and I actually really love the songs. Agreed!! Louis has some really amazing lyrics that I didn’t really expect. What are your favourite songs from both of them? ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I’ve always been a Louis fan, so it’d hard to pick a favourite, from walls it’s either defenceless, don’t let it break your heart or too young :)) other than the album, I love “just like you” and “just hold on”💕

        I honestly like HS1 better than fine line, and my favourite song from Hs1 is probably sweet creature, Caroline, or two ghosts 😄 from fine line it’s adore you, fine line and another song I don’t remember the name of😂🌝

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ooh defenceless is probably my favourite off of walls! I love don’t let it break your heart too and then maybe Fearless, I just think it’s such a cool song. Lol I didn’t even know just like you existed so I’m going to have to listen to that now 😂

        Oh really? I think I’ve listened to fine line more and that’s why I probably like it more. I love sweet creature too and the other two are also great songs but just not my favourite haha. I used to love adore you so much but then I think it got overplayed on the radio and stuff so I like it a bit less oops. I really like fine line, golden and maybe sunflower vol 6? Hahah well let me know if you remember the name 😂


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