“You never know what someone might be going through”…so?

“You never know what someone is going through. Always be kind.”

I’m sure we’ve all heard some variation of that quote, right?

Like I know growing up I’ve heard and read many people say stuff like “ohh be a kind person. don’t bully anyone because they might already be fighting their own battle”.

And obviously it’s a great sentiment because it’s great to be a considerate person and to be kind to someone because they might have other things in their lives that are not as kind.

But honestly, who cares if someone is going through something? Why should that matter?

How about we just be nice because … it’s nice to make people feel nice?? Literally what’s the point in being mean. It makes no sense. Maybe the person is living the life and vibing and super happy and all that jazz without a single worry in their life, or maybe they hate everything. Either way lets just be kinder people 💞💞.

SO yep a random topic that I wanted to rant about because why not.

In honour of this uncalled for post, let’s all do something kind today. Maybe compliment someone, maybe give them a hug, maybe do something nice for them, maybe spend time with someone you don’t usually make time for or maybe give someone a random little gift (me being lazy and listing the five love languages). Or just make them laugh, whatever you want. Just be kind besties because kindness is nice 😉 (that includes being kind to yourself, remember that)

Give me a life update in the comments!! I don’t care if we’ve never talked before, tell me the best thing that happened to you lately. How’s school/ college? Did my title trick you for a sec? How is your friend situation going at the moment? What is something you’re looking forward to? What act of kindness are you planning to do?? Tell me pleaaaase I’m bored.

Song rec. of the post: in your wiiiildest dreeeeams ahaahahhhhhhhh ☁️✨👼🏼 1989 era is on it’s way guyss. Idk if we’re crying for Red or dancing for 1989 so maybe a combination?

All the loveeee, Hreem xxxx

8 thoughts on ““You never know what someone might be going through”…so?

  1. Hey Hreem! Thanks for sharing this lovely post!❤️ I’m doing good! I represented my school in a competition today and I’m just so happy and hoping to win hehe. What about you? How is life?

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    1. Thanks for reading Roshni! Ooh that’s awesome, I hope you win as well 😊 Whats the competition for? Life is good for me I just have so many tests right now haha 😩


  2. Hreem this is a great post and is actually something I never thought about but now that you say it it does make sense! I don’t know why we need to justify being kind like “because they could be going through something”. Kindness doesn’t need justification. I’m planning to bake tonight so my act of kindness will be giving my friends the cookies I bake tomorrow in school ahah.

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  3. This is such a Great and well written post Hreem!❤️ I love how u conveyed such a deep message so simply and beautifully!! I’ve been doing fine but I could do better tho (it’s just school driving me nuts) tell me, how are you doing??

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  4. swifties🤝 taylor: not knowing which era we’re in.

    Ahh, I loved reading this so much! That’s so true, kindness is something that we need to maintain all the time because -especially in the pandemic – we don’t know what’s going on on the other side. I’m okay-ish – it’s ALWAYS school, hahaha! What about you? AHHH, totally, wildest dreams (tv) was this random bomb taylor dropped and it’s driving the whole fandom crazy?? the price of her fearless (tv) signed copies is 19.89? red announcement? anyway, have a great day and I loved this post ♥♥

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    1. HAHAHA SO TRUE. it’s the mashup era🤪

      Ahah thanksss. Glad you’re okay and hope you do better soon! Ikr school is annoying lolll. BUT it’s my birthday in like a week and a half so I’m excited for that. Not going to be able to sing ‘Fifteen’ as passionately anymore 🥲 (not that I can relate to a single lyric in that song because there is zero romance in my life).

      Dude ikr I just opened my Instagram at my cousins house and saw it was out?? YEAH I SAW THAT $19.89 and it said something about October 1st so I’ve read theories about something coming out on that day. I pray that something happens 🤞🏽🤞🏽 You have a great day too and thank you!! 🥰

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