It’s My Birthday! 🥳

hello everyone…

it’s my birthdayy!!!

I am now SIXTEEN which is strange because I literally still feel thirteen. I’m much cooler than I was at thirteen though, at least there’s that.

I obviously had school today and that is something I never thought I’d be grateful for (having school on a weekday I mean) but after celebrating basically by myself last year because of the pandemic, I’m very glad to be with my friends.

I actually had so much fun though because I brought donuts to school for me and my friends to share and we just laughed and had so much fun. I later also went for dinner with my family so all in all a pretty great birthday 🥳

ALSO!!! My parents told me that they were going to take me to a Harry Styles concert for my birthday???? They were like fully serious about it but then idk what happened and they ended up having to cancel 😭 Oh well. It’s the thought that counts so yeah still quite happy. Maybe someday I’ll get to go…

Fun fact: Last year I randomly developed a fear of growing up (😋😶) which meant that for the past few months I was actually kinda dreading my birthday and I completely ignored anyone who talked about it or acknowledged the fact that I was turning sixteen (sorry guys). But like a month or two ago I saw this post that said something like “growing up is a privilege” and that somehow shifted my entire mindset?? Like yeah that’s very true and also might as well enjoy it since there’s absolutely no way to avoid it.

Anywaysss I’m going to go and enjoy the rest of my day so I hope you have an amazing day as well!! Thanks for reading and celebrating my ‘sweet sixteen’ with me *in spirit* ☺️


Song rec. of the post: Steal My Girl by One Direction solely because of that one lyric at the start that goes “she be my queen since we were sixteen”. Yes. I’m a bit annoying like that.

Loveeeee, Hreem xx

29 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday! 🥳

  1. happy birthdayy! 16 is awesome & ahh hope you get to go to that harry styles concert someday soon! seems like you had an awesome day ♥♥ my birthday’s april so still a long time to go lol. YES i love 1d & i’m going to have to listen to steal my girl again (it’s been a long time?). i guess we’re all still waiting on that 1d reunion.

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    1. thank you mayaa!! hahah I hope so too ☺️☺️ yess i did for sure. ooh, at least you have time to prepare loll. what date? (if you don’t mind saying of course 🙂 steal my girl is quite iconic so yes, for sure. and HAH yup we’re all still waiting patiently but I mean Liam did say something about it last month if i remember correctly…

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  2. happy birthday!!!💃💫💕💕
    it’s sad that they cancelled going to a HS concert. 😭🤙 (But you’re realllyy lucky that they were serious about it, my parents would never. The price, flying out to the venue..😓)

    i really hope you get to go though!! (Let’s go togetherrrr👀)

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    1. thank you evin!! I KNOW, i was like wow i’m missing one of the best things in my life. lol yeah that’s why I’m happy that they even considered doing it.
      AHH yeah we should totally go together, that’d be so fun.😆👀

      DUDE louis had planned a tour date literally in the same city where I live before covid and me and my friend were going to go and he hasn’t rescheduled the date yet. like, louis??? where are you??? hahaha 😪💔

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      1. Ohh that’s so cool! Dubai is an awesome place to live in. I really hope there’s gonna be a concert there!! then we’ll both hopefully get to cuz that would be the closest tour date to me 😀

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      2. hahah yeah there is definitely a lot to do in Dubai but the heat is TERRIBLE. Ooh yeah that’s true it’s only around 3 hours away from India so fingers crossed we both get to go!! ☺️☺️

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    i know this is late but still 🤷🏼‍♀️
    that’s disappointing about the concert but i’m glad you had a good day! sharing donuts with your friends sounds lovely and it’s so true, growing old is a privilege. If we live each moment to the fullest, then we can have no regrets about the past ✨
    my bday is february 21st and i’m excited! i love celebrating haha and eating treats with friends 🤍

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    1. Thank you Jasminnnn!! yess I definitely still had a really nice day 💞 it so was and yes exactlyyy, great thing to live by. ooh February, the weather must be so nice around your birthday! yeah it’s definitely the best way to spend your day haha. thank you for you comment ✨🥰

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  4. Hii so i just went through your about page, and you’ve been to a concert? I’m soo jealous xD😭😀🏃‍♀️
    And you’re so prettyy ljdzfk!jzdbckjvx!jzkvkdz!bv
    yes, prince hair Harry is a BLESSING-
    I’m done now x💕

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    1. Heyy yes I’ve been lucky enough to go to a few concerts. Hopefully we’ll both go to the Louis one! 😋
      THANK YOU! 🥺 you’re so sweet haha🥰 HAH glad you agree. Thanks so much for commenting again Evin I always love your comments!! xx

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      1. I think I’ve been to like one proper concert (Dua Lipa) and then there’s this thing in Dubai called Redfest where around 4-5 artists come and perform so because of that I also saw Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello, Bebe Rexha, Marshmello and a few others. But I wasn’t a fan of the other artists anyways haha.

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