Lyrics That Hold a Special Place in My Heart 🤍

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FIRST of all. I hit 250 followers woohoo! I’m so happy so thank you to all the cool new people following my blog. I will now make the part 2 of my Q&A (which I totally didn’t just remember) because it’s another thing to celebrate ☺️ Alright now let’s move on.

In the past few years I have started to become really interested in lyricism and songwriting. Like it’s something I value in a song now whereas earlier all I wanted was a song that was catchy and fun. So every now and then I will listen to a song and hear one specific lyric that makes me want to screeeam because it’s literally so well written (bonus points if the entire song is well written, in which case I feel like throwing something against the wall).

These lyrics are very important to me and I decided to share them with you because… sharing is caring.

So yep, bearing that in mind, here is my list of

Song Lyrics That Hold a Special Place
in My Heart

You drew stars around my scars but now I’m bleeding – cardigan by t.s.

The imagery of this lyric has had a hold on me since day one. I just cannot imagine a world where I didn’t know this lyric. WHY IS IT SO PRETTY??? I think it means like taking something bad and painful (scars) and kind of how that other person made you feel okay and nice about it (stars) but now the person is gone and the wounds have like “reopened”?? well that’s my interpretation.

Put a price on emotion, I’m looking for something to buy – fine line by h.s.

Can we take a very quick moment to appreciate this lyric *random silent pause* yep thanks. it’s literally so genius and is a complex and poetic way of saying “I’m numb/emotionless and I want to feel something”. I really don’t know what else to say but the fact this is the first lyric in the song makes it a hundred times better.

I’ll be your quiet afternoon crush, be your violent overnight rush, make you crazy over my touch – supercut by lorde

I always love Lorde’s lyrics because I feel like the songs from Pure Heroine and Melodrama are so teenager-y and sometimes even coming of age-ish (my English here is actually painful). She manages to capture the chaotic-ness (again) of being a teenager in such a unique way. I don’t have a proper explanation for why I love this lyric, I just do. It probably has something to do with the word choice and the whole concept of it like who comes up with that?

Now if happiness is always measured
by the life you design, that car on the drive
Then you should feel better than ever
but you know as well as I, it’s all lies. – fearless by l.t.

I think the meaning of this lyric is very clear but just in case it’s not: actual happiness and contentment doesn’t come from what you’ve done and what you have and you should know that because you’ve got everything and you’re still not perfectly happy. It’s quite a simple lyric but I really love how he put it and how it relates well to the meaning of the rest of the song.

All but forgotten
about those eyes
The shade of green that if he’d seen would make F. Scott Fitzgerald cry. – i don’t miss you at all by finneas

See Finneas just always hits the nail right on the head with lyrics that sound simple but are also so smart and interesting that you know other artists would have a bit of trouble coming up with them. F. Scott Fitzgerald is the author of ‘The Great Gatsby’ in which there is a green light representing his longing for a woman so this is just such a genius connection. Not that I’ve ever read The Great Gatsby but…

I made you my temple, my mural, my sky
Now I’m begging for footnotes in the story of your life. – tolerate it by t.s.

Okay at first I thought this lyric was just pretty cool and sounded great but when you actually think about it you’re like omg. Because listen: I made you my temple = “worshipped” you, my mural = admired you, my sky = looked up to you. And now she’s so desperate to be even slightly relevant to his life to the point where she’s begging to even just be a footnote, which is something generally less important in a piece of writing. I mean this entire song is a masterpiece but the bridge and last chorus hurt the hardest.

A few honourable mentions (mostly Taylor Swift because she’s just amazing so deal with it 👼🏼)

  • And they tell you that you’re lucky but you’re so confused, because you don’t feel pretty, you just feel used. – the lucky one by t.s.
  • And the callouses on your fingers, I admired them from a distance, now they’re on my cheek. – used to this by c.c.
  • I know I’m not your only, but at least I’m one. I heard a little love is better than none. – just a little bit of your heart by a.g.
  • And you come away with a great little story. Of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you. – cold as you by t.s.
  • Because I hear he’s got his arm ’round a brand new girl. I’ve been picking up my heart, he’s been picking up her. – mr. perfectly fine by t.s.
  • So you were never a saint, and I’ve loved in shades of wrong. We learn to live with the pain, mosaic broken hearts. – state of grace by t.s.
  • used me as an alibi, I crossed my heart as you crossed the line. – favorite crime by o.r.
  • Special mention: fruity colours on these numbers call it a chameleon – statistics by timothee chalamet (shoutout to varshitaa)


I hope you loved this post because I so enjoyed having a place to vent about this.

Hopefully even one of the lyrics caught your eye and encouraged you to listen to the song?? If yes PLEAASE comment because I’d love to know. I put so much effort into putting the links lol it’d better be worth it.

Comment your favourite song lyrics or songwriters or just songs in general!! I’m so intrigued and I love hearing other people’s favourites because I feel like it tells you a lot about the person 💞

Song rec. of the post: literally any song I talked about in this post but if I had to choose one specifically I would say fearless by Louis Tomlinson because both he and this song are criminally underrated. I’ve just loved this song since I first listened to it and hopefully you will too. Oh and the “mum I did it” at the end of the song makes me so sad 🤍 You only hear it if you listen really hard so…do that.


Hreem x

16 thoughts on “Lyrics That Hold a Special Place in My Heart 🤍

    and in my opinion, Taylor is the songwriting queen and Louis’the King.👏♥️
    Louis’ lyrics are sO beautiful and poetic✨👏💙💚
    I also love “one heart broke, four hands bloody” in favorite crime.
    And “There’s a devil in your smile, it’s chasing me
    And every time I turn around it’s only gaining speed”
    From ready to run and I just love it sm😭💕💕

    But, my favourite one OF ALL TIME has to be

    “If you ever feel aloneeeeeee….Dont.”
    -dont forget where you belong

    so inspirational wow😭✨👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW RIGHTTT 😭 they are literally both so great and I need Louis to release new music like tomorrow. yeah he was so underrated in the band even though he wrote more songs than everybody else I’m pretty sure 😕 ooh that’s a nice lyric and YES I love that lyric from ready to run as well, it’s so interesting. HAHAH dfwyb is the biggest lyrical masterpiece, let’s be honest 😌😌 it truly touched my soul 😫

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ooh yes I did, I really like it! what are your thoughts?
        yeah it really sucks 😕
        Hahaha taylor swift couldn’t write dfwyb if she tried. But also I really love the bridge lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. SONG LYRICS YES HREEM. I’ve never properly listened to Lorde before so I listened to Supercut and I really like it actually! It feels super coming of age and things like that. my favourite lyric would have to be “dance around the living room, lose me in the sight of you. I’ve seen the red I’ve seen the blue, take all of me” from Lover of Mine by 5sos. I recommend it if you haven’t heard it already 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHA. ooh yay I’m glad you liked that song and yes I very much agree about the coming of age thing. yess I have heard lover of mine and that lyric is super pretty. it took me SO many listens (and a look at the lyrics) to finally understand what they were singing 😭😭 literally didn’t even sound like english the first time I heard it.


  3. omg congrats on 250!! also YES taylor is the queen of poetic/beautiful song lyrics & that line from cardigan is def one of my faves! also cold as you is SO underrated even though its one of the track fives?? i also LOVE the bridge of august – its so beautiful. great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank u maya! very glad you agree ☺️ I KNOW RIGHT I always thought cold as you was so amazing and such a great concept and people always forget about it?! omg yes the bridge of august is what got me through summer lol. thanks so much for reading! 💞

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