Another Photo Dump

hello everybody!!

it’s the lovely month of November now and has been for a while but oops

the past few months have felt chaotic to me because we’re going out a lot more (going to school and stuff) but it’s been oddly fun and time FLEW.

omg and RED (TAYLOR’S VERSION) RELEASES TOMORROW!! ALL TOO WELL TEN MINUTE VERSION!! I cannot wait 😫 If you’ve been following me for a while you should already know what’s coming next… (Red album review of course). Between Us by Little Mix also releases tomorrow so it’s definitely gonna be a good day.

In honour of finally having a reason to take pictures again but not having anywhere to put them, I decided to do another photo dump ☺️ I love making photo dumps and also seeing photo dumps on other people’s blogs because it’s a nice way to see your blogger friends in real life lol. Like we all just know each other through writing; isn’t that so cool but also strange but also awesome??

Anyways yes here’s … chic life through my lens?

He apparently had no idea who One Direction is and just randomly found this bag in his house. I played him some songs and he now loves Drag Me Down ☺️ Character development.
my room looking vibey
hi jaanvi
my birthdayyyy ❤ hi misha, maia, yana, simran, and netra

my last photo dump feels like forever ago but it was only the end of April wow. Time flies.

update me on how your life is going right now! how’s school? how are your friends? how are your hobbies? anything you’re currently looking forward to?? let me know!!!

Song recommendation of the post: The Kids Are All Dying by Finneas. The songwriting of this song is just so good like all of Finneas’ songs but I’ve honestly never heard another song like this one. It’s so ironic and critical or criticism and accepting of criticism and just funny at some parts. His entire new album is amazing but this song in particular I’m just obsessed with at the moment.

Love, Hreem xx

10 thoughts on “Another Photo Dump

  1. i honestly FREAKED when i heard atw (10-min-version.) i was singing along like normal, and after the second verse it changed and AHHHH. yay – can’t wait for your review of the album! i’m most likely doing one, too (if i can get myself to sit still and write about 30 – !!!! – songs.) also, yes little mix’s album is also out & i’m so excited!

    ps. your room. SO PRETTY.

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    1. literally same!! I’m obsessed with the lyrics, like “you kept me like a secret but I kept you like an oath” has a literal hold on me.
      ahah thanks writing it is gonna take forever yeah 😭 omg we could do some sort of collab since we both have good Taylor Swift song knowledge (lol). Or if not for this then definitely some kind of music collab because I’m sure it’d be great.
      heheh thank you 🥰 this was the one time my desk was neat, it’s currently such a mess I can’t even.

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      1. dudeeee the film was so good. the acting was amazing omg.
        haha yeah i feel kinda bad tho because we’ve only got one side of the story but yeah idk we don’t know much.

        maybe we could make a google docs and write + plan it out there just so it’s easier to collaborate?

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      2. ohh awesome i’m excited to read it! yes of course, I was thinking anyways that it might be a tiny bit difficult to collab on the review haha. should we discuss it on email or something? or Instagram if you have?

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  2. RED IS OUT and I know you’ve already listened but I just had to say it. atwtmvtvftv is such a great song why did she hide this from us.

    the fireworks pic is so pretty and are you and your friends dressed up as the powerpuff girls because if yes then you did a great job! 😄

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    1. yess it’s amazinggg. the songwriting is so advanced though and quite different to how it was during the red era so that makes me question if she wrote some of it now…

      HAha yes we are dressed as the powerpuff girls, I’m glad you could tell and thank youu ☺️


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