My Picnic Guide 💐

hellooo guyss what’s up?

Earlier this month my friends and I went on a little picnic and honestly it was extremely fun, 10/10 recommend it.

Since it is quite nice picnic weather at the moment (at least in the evenings) I decided to write a mini picnic guide with dos and don’ts that we learnt from our experience. Some of the tips are a tiny bit obvious but in our defence, we didn’t really think it through 😌.

Anyways yes follow our tried and tested guide to a nice picnic with contributions from Simmy, Netra and Misha:

  • Bring lemonade and pizza
  • Don’t forget your plates, cutley and hand sanitizer (we learned this the hard way)
  • It’s better to get a little too much food than a little too less
  • Don’t sit on a slope (hurts your butt and back😭😭)
  • Get tissues with you
  • Music and Bluetooth speakerssss + a playlist made in advance so you don’t have to keep picking the next song
  • Maybe don’t have your picnic in a place where dog walkers all meet up and leave their dogs off leash so dogs don’t try to eat your donuts
  • Bring trash bag for the trash and gloves so you dont have to touch the trash cause coakroaches 🤢🤢 (Simmy’s contribution and YEAH WE REALISED THAT AT THE END TINY COCKROACHES CAME ON OUR MAT)
  • Pack blankets because it gets a little cold
  • Don’t wear socks if you’re in a grassy area and plan to take off your shoes

so yep those were the main points of wisdom that I had to share.

Afterwards when it got dark we lay down (that sounds like incorrect English but apparently it’s right) on the grass and looked at the stars which was so cute. I didn’t expect to see any stars but it was very pretty I loved it. So I recommend doing a little stargazing on your picnic as well ☺️


I hope this post inspired you to go on a picnic because pleaseee you won’t regret it. Spend some time in nature hehe.

Song recommendation of the post: Don’t Let It Break Your Heart by Louis Tomlinson has somehow crept its way back into my favourite songs so I hope it creeps its way into yours as well (he should totally hire me I would promote his music so well). I love the song and the message of it so much it can be quite motivational or comforting or whatever at times. Let me know what you think!

Chat with me in the comments about whatever! Do you go on picnics often? How’s the weather becoming where you live??


Hreemy xx

13 thoughts on “My Picnic Guide 💐

  1. PICNICS ARE ELITEEE. very honored to be part of the wisdom of do’s and dont’s of picnics. i thought the stars photo was just a black photo… lil blind

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AGREEED. Honestly as you should, it’s a real honour. 😭😭 It’s okay u got there eventually. It’s funnier cuz you and simmy are the ones who took the pic.


  2. wait those donuts look so hooded👁️👄👁️
    I’ve never actually been on a picnic. I’ll try to remember these If I ever do😂

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  3. Oooh I really do need to go on a picnic soon, especially with the weather getting nicer. They’re so underrated! Thanks for sharing your tips, I’ll keep them in mind for sure 😉

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  4. oooh picnics seem like so much fun!! haha yeah, the playlist thing is so accurate, my fam & i went on a long drive without a playlist and we ended up having to make a system to choose who picked the next song which wasn’t easy lol. LOUIS. yes omg i love DLIBYH. definitely going on a picnic soooon. loved reading this post hreemm!

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