Helloooo very cool people!

My name is Hreem and welcome to my blog! I’m a teenager from India but I live in Dubai. I love music, writing, books, taking pictures, baking and lots more!

On my blog I post the most random things about things that I love such as recipes, playlists and honestly a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. If anything I just said sounds interesting to you, follow my blog. You won’t regret it, I’m quite fun 😚

Here are some facts about me because why not:

  • My favourite music artist is Taylor Swift (the songwriting queen) and then I love others like Little Mix, Dua Lipa, HAIM, One Direction + their solo careers (18 months ☺️✨❤️🦋🐝), Camila Cabello and yeah I’m sure you get the idea.
  • I have a pug named Buddy
  • A tree nearly fell on me once
  • I think prince hair and long hair Harry (Styles) were blessings


Here is the very exciting (not really) meaning behind the name ‘Chic Life Thru My Lens’: It’s meant to be like seeing the “chic life” through my camera “lens” because at first, photography was a big thing on my blog. I’m very attached to the name now so there’s no way I’m planning to change it, even if nobody gets what it means. Oh and also it’s pronounced ‘sheek’ not ‘chick’ (@ all the people in my life who call it ‘chick life through my lens’).

E N J O Y     M Y     B L O G ♥️