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Top 2 Tuesday

Hiiiii everyone! So sorry for not posting in a whole WEEK! I have this huge lab report due and my week has been pretty shambolic so please excuse me because I have some great blog ideas coming up! I haven't ever tried or even thought about trying to do this but I saw it on… Continue reading Top 2 Tuesday


How to NAIL Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's day everyone! It's the 14th of February and we're all hopefully going to receive a Valentine from someone... OOh! I usually just stay home and chill but like to do something got to do with hearts. This year I decided to do my nails because of a suggestion from my friend Mia (thank… Continue reading How to NAIL Valentines Day


Lush ‘Rosy Cheeks’ Face Mask [Review]

You may-or-may-not know this by now but I absolutely LURVE Lush. It's a really natural brand with natural scents and they don't test on animals. My science teacher really cares about animal abuse and stuff so she's got that drilled into our class - not that it's a bad thing. Now, to the review- The… Continue reading Lush ‘Rosy Cheeks’ Face Mask [Review]

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Lush Haul!

Soo... I recently stopped by Lush to just check out some of their new products for the Christmas range and restricted myself to just buying four things; no matter how hard I wanted to buy more. I bought two from the Christmas range and two of their normal products: 'Shoot For The Stars' bath bomb… Continue reading Lush Haul!


Happy BEAUTYday To You!

Hey People😊 It was recently my birthday on the 5th (just about a few days ago) and obviously, I got quite a few presents since I had a party. I thought you guys might like to hear about it or get some ideas for a friend, cousin etc. Since I've got the best friends ever they knew… Continue reading Happy BEAUTYday To You!