I Went To A Louis Tomlinson Concert!

hellooooo I know the title already told you but I’m still so happy so I will say it again: I GOT TO SEE LOUIS TOMLINSON LIVE!! He was meant to come in 2020 but then […]

Harry’s House: Another Album Review

Hellooo Before I start ANYTHING I just wanna let you guys know that my best friend Simran created her own blog and you should go check it outtt!! If you like fashion, music, reading (especially […]

Red (Hreem’s Version) ðŸðŸ‚

(title credits to netra i love it thanks bestie) Hellooo everybody (this post took forever to write so excuse the late-ness) First of all, I just want to say happy birthday to my lovely blog/ […]

Lyrics That Hold a Special Place in My Heart ðŸ¤

Hellooo beautiful person It’s me again FIRST of all. I hit 250 followers woohoo! I’m so happy so thank you to all the cool new people following my blog. I will now make the part […]

11 Years of One Direction ðŸ¥³ðŸ˜­

*credits to my cousin Jaanvi for keeping me company while I wrote this* hello my bestiesssss happy 1D day!!!!! very bittersweet because obviously they are not together at the moment *wooowwwww nobody knew that*.I do […]

Fearless (Taylor’s Version) ðŸ’›ðŸ’›

**This may be the longest post I’ve ever done but it was so much fun to write and I’d greatly appreciate if you stuck around until the end. Love you!** hey guysss! I hope you […]

The Grammys Were … Interesting

holaaaaa my assessments are done so I can finally write this post 😭☺️ anywayss. The Grammys were one week ago and they were definitely quite interesting. I mean we are in the middle of a […]

Underrated Artists You Need to Listen To

hey guyssss!!! How are you all?? I hope you’re doing greattt ☺️ Anyone who knows me knows that I’m kind of in love with music and will force my favourite songs onto you no matter […]

evermore album!!!!

hey guyssss! I hope you’re all doing great and enjoying the start of the holidays (if they’ve started for you yet). I am aware that I’m here with another Taylor Swift album review just around 4 months […]

I Love the folkore Album!

Hey everybodyyy I hope you’re enjoying your summer (if you can lol). I can’t believe it’s already August!! This year took forever but it also went by super fast and it’s really strange but I […]

Miss Americana

hello everyone! What’ve you been up to? Anyone who knows me knows that I realllllllly love Taylor Swift and her music and I have loved her since I was about 7 years old. If anyone […]

My Year in 13 Pictures

HAPPY NEW YEAAARRR!!! I know it’s already been 2020 for like 10 days but the last time you read a post from me was last year so yeah. I enjoyed 2019 although there were a […]

Romance by Camila Cabello â¤ï¸

hello everybody! I hope you’re enjoying December so far. It’s raining a bit at the moment and I am currently at school so that’s very exciting. SO. I have been a fan of Camila Cabello […]

Dua Lipa Concert!

hey everyone! On November 15th (I am aware that was like two weeks ago but we’re not gonna talk about that) Dua Lipa performed in Dubai. I originally wasn’t planning to go because I hadn’t […]