Make You Smile

Hai everyone! This post is another Weekly Photo Challenge post, and this week's topic was Smile. For this week’s challenge, point your camera at something or someone that puts a smile on our face (or just show a smiling face).   So I put this picture of my dog in a pool because he looks so happy… Continue reading Make You Smile


What Made Me Happy in March

Hi everyone! First of all, Happy Easter!🐥🍫🥚 Hope you all had a great time feasting on chocolate. Now, here are two shoutouts DON'T SKIP THIS PART PLEASE, that's the whole point of putting this at the beginning. Go follow my friend, Mia's, blog. It's her birthday today so just a few followers would be fine! And… Continue reading What Made Me Happy in March

Book Club

Heartless Review | Book Club

Guess what?! I decided to start a mini book club kind of thing on my blog where I can review books because I absolutely LOVE to read. After reading those reviews you can also comment if you've read them before, or you could just go read it if you want to. Anyways, let's go!  … Continue reading Heartless Review | Book Club


A Guide to Dubai

Evening everyone! Well, not so much evening for me but it is the evening for a lot of people around the world so... ANYwhoo, I am extrEMEly sorry for not posting in over a week. I mean, who does that? But now it's spring break ( hooray! ) so I will be able to post normally again.… Continue reading A Guide to Dubai


Who Run The World?

GIRLS! Happy International Womens Day That was yesterday, but still. It could be any day because women are VERY powerful. Btw thank you Mia for helping me get this picture right, and getting me to make my lips like this. I failed though. Also, here is a list of a few women that inspire me: 1.… Continue reading Who Run The World?


February Monthly Round-Up

Hai everyone! Today I'm going to be rounding up February in things I did and liked and random stuff like that. Please comment if you liked this and whether I should do it again/what I should add. Here We Go! Something I've Been Enjoying Lately, I've been really enjoying writing in my journal because it's… Continue reading February Monthly Round-Up


Mothers Day Gift Ideas

[Picture Cannot Load] I know, I know. It's not Mothers Day yet. But honestly, it does take a pretty long time to get ideas and then buy what you want - or make it, if you want to be crafty. For us, UAE people, Mothers day is on the 21st of March, AGES away. But… Continue reading Mothers Day Gift Ideas

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Top 2 Tuesday

Hiiiii everyone! So sorry for not posting in a whole WEEK! I have this huge lab report due and my week has been pretty shambolic so please excuse me because I have some great blog ideas coming up! I haven't ever tried or even thought about trying to do this but I saw it on… Continue reading Top 2 Tuesday


How to NAIL Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's day everyone! It's the 14th of February and we're all hopefully going to receive a Valentine from someone... OOh! I usually just stay home and chill but like to do something got to do with hearts. This year I decided to do my nails because of a suggestion from my friend Mia (thank… Continue reading How to NAIL Valentines Day

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Redfest Dxb 2018 ❣️

Hey everyone!!! Yesterday I went to Redfest Dxb day 2 and it was so much fun! I was in the Redpit (the closest to the stage) with three of my friends and it was literally the best because I got to take a picture with Bebe Rexha! Also, VirginRadioDxb posted a picture of me taking… Continue reading Redfest Dxb 2018 ❣️