Embracing Hygge

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Hygge? What the heck is that?! English, please!

Yes, I know, that is probably what most of you are thinking while reading this. Or, some of you may already know what ‘hygge’ is, if you do, you might want to skip the explanation and go straight to the post↓

For those of you who don’t know what hygge is, let me tell you:

Hygge ( pronounced hue-gah ) is a Danish word. It doesn’t translate into one word but means “cozy” or “special”, basically to enjoy life’s pleasures. You may not have heard it but you’ve definitely experienced it, everyone has. Cool right! This is one interesting thing that the Danish people have invented (aside from their pastries of course♥️).

I may be a bit late for this because winter is actually the season of coziness but it’s still winter so… here are some ways to channel them hygge vibes…

Comfy Clothes

I’m sure we all have this one pair of clothes that we’d never wear outside even though they’re suuuuuper comfortable; time to get those clothes out now!

Dim Lighting

No-one really wants that much light in this season, it’s more of a calm light. For this, I always use fairy lights because they are just the coziest feeling thing EVER! Just put up a few fairy lights on the sofa or around your bed and you’re all set.

Light ‘Dem Candles

Scented candles are basically the best because you get warm-toned light and the awesome smells.

Hot Chocolate

This is a personal preference thing but I feel like hot chocolate is the most wintery food or drink out there. Also, it’s really warm and delicious!

Read a Book

As you have learnt in school, reading is great for your mind – not including reading twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other kind of social media – and it is really great when you find the perfect book. So I think you should probably go scavenge for your perfect book now.

Put That Phone DOWN

One thing that all of us do is check our phones for any life updates; your life is here, enjoy the present and not just the phone screen.

Have a Warm Bath

Ooooohhh LUSH! Yes, this is defo the best time to pull out my huge basket of Lush bath bombs (heaven). I recently used the Lava Lamp bath bomb and it smells amazing. Expect quite a few reviews (;

Wrap Up Like a Burrito

Now the only thing that could possibly make this better is to snuggle up in a-million-and-one blankets while doing all of the above; good luck with that!

How else do you like to wind down?



French & Swiss Haul


Bonjour peeps!

First bloggy blog post since 2018 started heyyyyy! Now I’m going to start posting on Thursdays and Mondays, hopefully, I can do it. So as you may know, I’ve been on holiday for about a week and it was such a fabulous break. I went to:

  • Chamonix, Mont Blanc    (🇫🇷)
  • Evian-Les-Bains                (🇫🇷)
  • Geneva                               (🇨🇭)

DISCLAIMER: This post is by no means meant to show off or brag about anything. If you don’t like these kinds of posts, please skip over and maybe read one of my other blog posts you might enjoy.


A Rose Quartz Necklace

Rose Quartz.jpg

This is a really pretty necklace that I got from Chamonix. Since crystals are in their culture I thought it would be almost illegal not to buy a necklace! Apparently, this one is great with situations which require creativity and the written word (my blog!). 


A Crystal Soap


Don’t worry, I’m not addicted or anything! It’s just that this was too pretty and smelt way to good to pass. Where would I find this anywhere else anyway?


A ‘Merci Handy’ Refreshing Face Mist

Merci Handy.jpg

I was actually not going to get this but then I saw that it was half price and relatively cheap. “ The art of mind changing discounts “. After testing, I felt that this spray really freshens your face when you just woke up or are sleepy; it’s pretty good.


2 Pandora Bracelet Charms

Pandora Charms.jpg

Holld Uup! Only one of these is mine, the snowman. The gingerbread is actually my mom’s but we decided to rotate once in a while so … yeah. They’re both really cute and you can’t get them here so we got a little souvenir. ⛄️

and now…last but not least…


Moonlight (perfume) by Ariana Grande


Technically my mom bought this for me because she wanted to get it for my B-day but it wasn’t available anywhere in Dubai. Not even Souq or Desertcart. Say whhaaa? Yes. They are both like Amazon but for the UAE. 


And that is the end of my haul! Please comment down below (is this youtube or what) if you would like me to do a review of any of these things, also any blog posts you would like me to attempt.


Fav. beauty products atm?




My Week in Numbers 💯

Blogmas 11

I’ve seen sooo many of these kinds of posts all over … blogs and I decided to give it a try myself. I am well aware that this post and the next post are not really related to Christmas but I have a great recipe coming up!


// 42… \\ Laps swam in my swimming class.

// 1 …\\ Candy cane given to me by a girl in my class.

// 3…\\  Presents received from my secret santa.

// 2…\\  Assessments completed in 2 hours.

// 7…\\ Christmas songs were heard by my ears.

// 2…\\  Testers tasted at Pinkberry.

// 26…\\ Dhs spent with Milla.

I know, it’s a disaster, but I will improve, I shall.


Have you ever tried a week in numbers post? If so, link it below because I want to read it!












Christmas Tag 🎄

Blogmas 8

I’ve been looking for the right moment to post this post, the time when I have no time and no ideas. Great timing! I think `The Christmas Tag ‘ is a great post because it’s really festive and entertaining to write. I’ve included the questions I used at the bottom.


What is Your Favourite Christmas Movie(s)?

My favourite Christmas movie would probably have to be ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’. I’m not sure why, but I’ve loved it since I was about 7.

What Tops Your Tree?

A golden, sparkly star. It’s really small but I don’t focus on the top as much as I do for the ornaments.

Have You Ever Had a White Christmas?

Nope. Personally, I prefer green because that’s pretty much how Christmas has always been.

Favourite Christmas Song(s)?

Last Christmas by Ariana Grande. You can also check out Favourite Christmas Songs (selfless self-promo yessss).

Is Your Tree Real or Fake?

Fake. I’ve never actually had a real one 😂

Favourite Christmas Sweet/Chocolate?

Candy canes, obviously//

Do You Enjoy Wrapping Presents?

Yes, surprisingly I do. Even though I’m terrible at it.

White Tree Lights or Coloured Tree Lights?

Coloured tree lights 🙋🏼

Favourite Christmas Scent(s)?

Marshmallow, peppermint, gingerbread, pine cones (is that an actual scent?)

Where do you usually spend your holiday?

Usually at home, for some reason.

Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

Honestly… receiving (guilty face).

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?         

The fact that everyone is suddenly so happy and generous all the time.

When do you start getting excited for Christmas? 

On the 1st of December, I’m a very early bird, as you can tell.  

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season? 

New York or Switzerland, New York because… actually, London or Switzerland.

You have been granted one Christmas wish… what will it be?

For it to snow in Dubai, that’s the only thing I want, buuuut it’s impossible.



1. What is Your Favourite Christmas Movie(s)?
2. What Tops Your Tree?
3. Have You Ever Had a White Christmas?
4. Favourite Christmas Song(s)?
5. Is Your Tree Real or Fake?
6. Favourite Christmas Sweet/Chocolate?
7. Do You Enjoy Wrapping Presents?
8. White Tree Lights or Coloured Tree Lights?
9. Favourite Christmas Scent(s)?
10. Where do you usually spend your holiday?                                                                              11. Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?                                          12. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?                                                                     13. When do you start getting excited for Christmas?                                                                14. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?                                      15. You have been granted one Christmas wish… what will it be?


Have you done a Christmas tag? If so, link it down below!

Hello World!

Hello World!

Or just as many people that read this I guess…

My name is Hreem, buuuut you can call me… yeah, Hreem will be fine. I’m just your average school-girl who loves food and messsing up at makeup.

I think blogging is going to be soooo exciting, like a diary I can share with the world, but I’ll have fewer details because this isn’t anonymous, as you probably realized by now.

I love taking pictures too, partly the reason why I started this blog. The other reason is that I love writing and reading, they’re pretty much a part of me, though I have a LOT of hobbies. Or maybe they’re less, who knows? But in my case I think the hobbies I have are enough, take a peek and tell me what you think:

• Singing 🎤

• Guitar 🎶

• Reading 📖

• Writing 📝

• Taking Pictures 📸

  • Eating 🍩 (can that be a hobby?)

Now that I look at them, I realize… they’re not too many are they? Sorry I’m talking so much about boring stuff right now but I’ll make sure my next few are a bit more exciting 🤗 (Jazz handsss!)

Comment below about your hobbies, I would love to hear about them.

Oooh! I almost forgot, I’m pretty sure your bored to death because I haven’t mentioned what my blog will be about. I will be posting food recipes and restaurant reviews in FOOD, beauty reviews and tutorials (ya right) in BEAUTY, maybe some song covers in MUSIC, travel related posts in TRAVEL ( like you couldn’t figure that out already). Finally, posts that don’t fit into any of the other categories, which would go into LIFE.

Byee, have a great 5 days. It’s my birthday on Thursday so expect maybe a few blog posts ❤️