It’s November!

heeey everyone!

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in ages but there’s a lot going on and the past two weeks were devoted to tests and assessments and it was studying & studying & studying every. single. day.

Somew it’s November already. Is it just me or did OCTOBER PASS BY SO FAST? My birthday month is the shortest month of the year 🙄 But the good thing is that I did so many things in October and that is why I’m doing this roundup again; haven’t done one in a while.

Firstly was my birthday…yay! Yep I’m eating cake in the second picture, ’cause why not?


Then was my mom’s birthday a few days after mine. We had a pretty fun week ♥️

Mom's Birthday

Another few days later I went shopping with one of my best friends – Yana – because that was one of her birthday gifts to me. It was amaaazing!

Shopping with Yana

And finally, the one we all saw coming…. HALLOWEEN! This year I dressed up as Red Riding Hood and tried to make it look like the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ scratched me on my eye. I think it looks pretty good! For me, now, the spirit of Halloween isn’t really eating up the candy, it’s more about running from house to house and accidentally bumping into people from your school. OOoh also the big trade at the end to get the candy you want, but then I only eat half of it so…


What was the best part of your month?

Hreem XO


What Made Me Happy in March


Hi everyone!

First of all, Happy Easter!🐥🍫🥚 Hope you all had a great time feasting on chocolate.

Now, here are two shoutouts DON’T SKIP THIS PART PLEASE, that’s the whole point of putting this at the beginning.

Go follow my friend, Mia’s, blog. It’s her birthday today so just a few followers would be fine!

And my brother’s blog, he just started so please check that out too. ~Finally~, to the post!

I Went To Switzerland

This was amazing because we got loads of chocolate and a break from the Dubai weather which is already SUPER HOT NOW! But then I had a bad stomach for a while because I ate too much cheese so…. yeah nevermind…

I Got Netflix

Most of you must be tearing your hair out and saying, ” YOU JUST GOT NETFLIX NOW?! ” Unfortunately that is the sad truth, buuuuut I started binge watching Friends                      ( F.R.I.E.N.D.S ), I had already seen a few episodes here and there before but now I’m trying to see them all. I’m on season 3 now; do you watch Friends?

Spring Break

Spring break started on the 23rd of March for our school. You know, because U.A.E schools are Sunday to Thursday. Unfortunately, this is the last week of Spring Break for me 😭 ~ She goes to get a tissue box to dry her tears ~ Kay I’M BACK.

Beach Partaaay

One of my friends had a beach party and it was so cool because the waves were pretty great and we got ice cream and pizza 🤤  Sure, that’s not very healthy food, and I know that we’re a bit further from that summer beach look but food is always worth it.

We Went Shopping for Beach Party Girl’s Birthday

The rest of our little group ( 3 people ) went shopping and it was great fun trying lipsticks on and walking around the mall trying to locate the place we wanted to get to. She wanted makeup so we got most of our shopping done in one shop, then we went to get food and ice cream!

Yeah, that’s all for March; see you soon!

Beaches or mountains?